What others have said

Awhimai is completely refined, accomplished and completely committed to helping others achieve their goals. I feel more confident, supported and blessed to have the opportunity to learn from Awhimai including all the other beautiful wāhine toa.

Kahlene Davis Swiggs

iWahine Leaders Member

I first met Awhimai at an iWahine conference in 2019. From the moment I stepped into the conference for the first time ever I felt like I didn’t need to change. I could be myself as wahine Māori. Awhimai you made me feel welcome your manaaki was overwhelming but most importantly you empowered me to be the leader I am through your belief that who I was and what I was enough. Additionally through this online platform a chance to connect with likeminded wāhine toa ngā mihi Awhimai mõ to kaha e pa ana ki tēnei kaupapa. Hoea to waka. He wahine toa.

Debbie Vertongen

iWahine Leaders Member

Awhimai encourages me and my hinepro journey with her “thinking outside the box” advice and analogies. To build a support system of like minded wāhine. Very effective for me personally. The “awwww didn’t think of that or oh is that how you do it” moments. Knowledge sharing with great examplers do more good. Kia ora ra e hine Awhimai🌸

Joan Cassidy-Natano

iWahine Leaders Member

I fully sent my full PHD proposal this evening. Yay! I am now working through the worksheets that you gave us at the Māori Women’s Summit. I didn’t want to be one of those that didn’t do anything with what I have been given. I have the “Life Mission Statement” worksheet and will work through all the worksheets that you gave us and set some goals for my business. I believe I can juggle the PhD, full time work and setting up my business. I was inspired by you and want to be like you – helping other Maori women to uncover, acknowledge and walk in their authentic being and contribution to the world.

Thank you for your example.

Sophronia Smith Kairangahau

iWahine Leaders Member

I am passionate about what I do and have been in this line of business for over 30 years. But I was having trouble trying to be noticed as to who I am and what I can do and how to get into another or different career than what I am in at the moment.


I got a lot out of our one-on-one coaching sessions from having several tools that I can work with and also having the confidence that I can use them comfortably.


Having someone who encourages you and supporting you makes a whole lot of difference. What I liked about Awhimai’s approach was essentially being non-judgmental, giving you the support and being there to talk to is the key difference in my view.


I found the whole experience very positive and supportive. I felt very comfortable discussing issues and she always challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. I would recommend one-on-one coaching with Awhimai especially for someone who wants to get more out of their career.

Shagen Ganason

Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management, Te Puni Kōkiri

I signed up for one-on-one coaching with Awhimai to look at various leadership styles and examples and apply them in the workplace; and to increase my confidence in relationship management and engagement. I chose iWahine for it’s affinity with te ao Māori and mana wahine. Awhimai helped by providing several techniques through written exercises, suggested reading material and mainly just listened and suggested alternative options for handling difficult situations. Being available through 1:1 sessions, email and phone was appreciated. I believe Awhimai’s ability to relate and apply different suggestions to my situation was what kept me coming back for more.

Awhimai adapted coaching sessions to suit my learning style and personality over time, and her affinity to listen and provide advice without judgement or counselling was what made me look forward to each session and work on my growth and learning. I was very apprehensive about having a leadership coach initially, and thought after a couple of ‘chats’ we’d be done, with some tips and tricks in my back pocket. How wrong I was! My leadership journey over the past year has had a number of ups and downs, so having someone on my side, providing coaching and individualised support has been an absolute blessing and has helped my development (both personally and professionally) immensely.

Having a leadership coach is a total privilege and I am very thankful to Te Puni Kōkiri and my direct manager for allowing me the ability and space to work with one. I would absolutely recommend Awhimai and iWahine for anyone who needs specialist support in leadership growth that would benefit from having a leadership coach.

Linda Manaia

Business Support Manager, Te Puni Kōkiri

Last year I had the privilege of meeting and working with Awhimai Reynolds. In the time I have known Awhimai she has impressed me with her commitment to her work, her passion to improve the wellbeing of all, especially of women, and her integrity which is apparent in all aspects of her work.

Awhimai has an impressive background in management at local and national levels. She is an insightful and principled leader with drive and courage to promote change where needed.

Awhimai is very aware of issues relating to Maori and is committed to finding solutions. She has served on various advisory panels and boards, providing a Maori perspective. While her main focus has often been in Maori development Awhimai is comfortable with and able to work very effectively with all the cultures of New Zealand.

Awhimai is part of our Gender Justice network both as an individual and as a leader in the Maori Women’s Welfare League. We value her participation and are delighted that she has agreed to be part of the Pacific Women’s Watch (NZ) panel at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in March 2015.

Awhimai is a pleasure to work with; she is hard working, passionate about her work, has a great sense of humour and fun and is a good friend. I am delighted and honoured to provide this reference for Awhimai.

Christine King

President, Pacific Women’s Watch (NZ)

Prior to attending the Māori Women’s Summit I seem to have lost my mojo and felt I needed to get back on track to being my former self – that strong and confident person. After attending the summit and meeting all those wonderful wahine, hearing those inspirational speakers and working with you, Awhimai, has honestly made a difference. I came away from the summit feeling inspired and motivated. Yes, I have reviewed and have rewritten all my notes into bright coloured mind maps that I can keep on hand to reflect on. I still have to complete some of the exercises you gave us. Now I just got to go tell myself kia kaha and believe and have confidence in the knowledge and skills I do have.

Awhimai, I truly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the time and support you gave me at the summit and have given me now. I did not mean to give you my whole life history but that is how comfortable and supported I felt having met you, so thank you very much. Oh before I sign off, love your website and felt a sense of pride seeing our photo up there and knowing I was a part of that awesome summit.

Sara Crawley-Allen

Summit Attendant