iWahine Leadership Hui

We no longer run these but include previous Hui information for your viewing pleasure.

Who the iWahine Leadership Hui is for?

This two-day hui is specially designed to encourage full participation and interaction for wāhine who want to be inspired, advance their career or grow their business by proactively pursuing their own professional and leadership development. Hear wāhine share their stories about how they bring their authentic selves to their mahi and how their cultural and unique wāhine lens on the world can provide innovative solutions. Come along and be – informed, nourished and energised.

Be Informed

Learn new strategies to overcoming challenges in business, the workplace, the community and the whānau

Be Nourished

Develop your capacity for self-awareness, compassion and be empowered to lead in a way that inspires those around you.

Be Energised

Connect with a network of dynamic wāhine who will uplift you with down-to-earth advice on how to lead with confidence



Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one

Our theme Te Hā o Hine-ahu-one is about creation and potential. Learn how to step into your own power and lead your way.

Leadership Hui 2017

Leadership Hui 2018

Leadership Hui 2019


What I liked about the iWahine Leadership hui was…

“It was for Māori women, by a Māori woman, and turned out to be so much more.”
“The speakers and their amazing stories. Making new networks.”
“The content and diversity of speakers. The inclusion of different backgrounds and areas and the grounding in a Māori world view.”
“The collective wāhine spiritual vibe combined with the business kaupapa. The valuable knowledge shared by wāhine was incredible and very inspiring.”
“The people, the content, the range of expertise, how the programme unfolded offering times of engagement, well catered with all needs being met. In short, I loved everything about the hui.”
“Likeminded wāhine out in the world doing business. Sharing of ideas, experiences and knowledge. Kaupapa Māori Environment and attitudes in the room. On time and professional in its delivery. High caliber of participants and presenters. Wide mix of talents and skills and varied businesses. Te Ao Māori featured in most of the business initiatives. Identifying and encouraging the Māreikura / Goddess within. Interesting, modern and relevant kaupapa of the day.”

If you want to win at work, succeed at life and lead with confidence, attending this hui will help you develop the leadership competencies you need to be, not just a good leader but, a great leader.


Don’t miss the opportunity to kōrero with other wāhine, expand your networks and make new friends.