“Ko te puāwaitanga o ngā moemoeā me whakamahi.” nā Te Puea Herangi

“Dreams become a reality when we take action.”

Some people set out to achieve things with a clear vision in mind while others have more specific goals. It helps if both types of visions and goals are well-defined before beginning the journey toward them!


What’s the difference between vision and goals?

vision is what you see in your head of where you want to be or what you want life to look like. It’s your desired future; it inspires, motivates and keeps you excited to do what you love doing. You can set visions for all aspects of your life, career or relationships, keeping in mind how they align with your deepest values and priorities.

You can set a vision for what you want to have, what you want to do, and what you want to be. As a leader you can set a vision for your team, company, whānau or community.

Or you can set a vision for a kaupapa you feel strongly about. When you have your vision ready ask yourself – how can I or we achieve it? Setting goals will help you with this.


Goals are specific targets that move you towards your vision. They represent an end point. They help you to stay focused and on track. It’s good to check, every now and then, that the goals you set still serve you, whether your circumstances or world around you has changed, so be flexible by adjusting them or creating new ones. As you write your goals make them very specific and quantifiable in some way. It’s also important to express them positively i.e. write what you want not what you don’t want. Finally, note that you should write in the present tense and with a clear timeframe for achieving your set goals.

Once you have visualised what you want to achieve, setting goals can be incredibly satisfying, as is achieving them. Life happens around you, and once you know where you are heading and how you do it, it is much easier to respond to life’s events. You will start to see results and changes unfold as you live according to your values with a set direction. You know where you’re going and it’s much more likely that you will actually get there.

Arohanui, nā Awhimai

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