Kia ora e hoa

I’ve been thinking a lot lately.

Thinking about a whole lot of things … about the future and about leadership – of course!

The world is changing at a faster pace than ever and we are living in a fast-forward culture where the role of a leader is ever-changing and, in my view, requires a leadershift.

What do I mean by this?

Leaders of today and tomorrow need to be ready to make quick changes, on the go.

This may mean seizing an occasion that does not promise much and turning it into an opportunity. Such as abandoning practices and behaviours – the trodden path that got you to where you are now – and creating new paths (and new ways of practicing and behaving) with unknown and untested outcomes.

It means that you don’t do everything to be liked by your team or others in order to guide them to success. You don’t chase people to make them follow you. Some people won’t like the direction you are taking but that’s ok. You don’t need everyone on board, only those who share your vision and your values.

It means leading in uncertain conditions. There is no time to sit and think about making a decision. By the time you’ve come to an idea, all the factors you’ve taken into account have changed. As a leader, you know you have to embrace risk. Practicing leadership means that you have to accept making decisions sometimes in conditions of great uncertainty, without the luxury of thinking things through.

It means being consistent. The most successful leaders are both agile and consistent in their leadership style. This means that you have to be ready to make changes in your strategy but continue to pursue your vision and not let your team or others de-rail you from your course.

Above all, it means that in a fast-forward world where everything happens faster, good leadership is required to guide us into the future. There are plenty of places and spaces in Māoridom to lead, so my question to you is – are you ready to embrace leadershift?

Mauri ora!