My first hater posted a negative comment about me a couple of weeks ago.

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Even though I was expecting it, still… it kinda threw me off balance… for about two seconds.

The negative comment was personal and she doesn’t even really know me.

You may have seen all the ads on Facebook promoting my Wāhine Toa Programme and the iWahine Leadership Hui in November.

When you put yourself out there, you expose yourself to all sorts of comments from “the public” – both good and bad.

It’s what stops a lot of wāhine from stepping forward, from being seen, from voicing their opinions.

It’s why wāhine stay out of the spotlight.

But let me tell you, you being invisible doesn’t serve anyone.

Fortunately for me, I have done “the work” – basically I work on managing my mind, my thoughts, and my emotions.

I know that I cannot control what others say, think, or do.

What someone else thinks or says about me is none of my business.

It’s what I think and say about myself that matters.

I know that my intentions are good and I’m putting my effort into serving wāhine Māori.

So, I offer my services, otherwise how else would they know about them, and it’s up to them whether they want to work with me or not.

I’m all good either way.

In the past, I would have shrunk back into the shadows, kept quiet, and laid low but not now.

It’s not easy seeing videos and photos of yourself and hearing your own voice.

I used to cringe every time and see or hear some imperfection.

And while I don’t love it, I accept that it is part of this business I started and I’m getting used to it.

Thank goodness for Vanessa, my Digital Technical ninja, who takes care of my Facebook ads and all the other digital technical aspects of the business.

I had to hand it over to her (not easy for a recovering control freak) and empower her to take care of that side of the business – which means I don’t meddle with what she’s doing.

We discuss strategy but Vanessa develops the tactics and implements.

And she’s really doing an amazing job!

We use analytics to tell us if something is working or not and not how I’m feeling or reacting to something negative someone (who may be having a bad day or who is not feeling very good about themselves) said in a post.

We deleted and blocked – kinda like a karate move!

Kei te haere tonu au ahakoa te aha.

So, my message for you is to not let anyone’s comments, views or opinions stop you from following your kaupapa and doing your mahi to the best of your ability.

Who knows why they said what they did and really, who cares?

It’s none of your concern.

Listen to your intuition and follow your heart.

You came here to fulfill your purpose so whatever that is – stay on your kaupapa!

Ngā manaakitanga


P.S. Yay! We have a venue for the iWahine Leadership Hui on 14 & 15 November 2019. It’s going to be at Te Papa Tongarewa. REGISTER NOW!

P.P.S. Introducing Trina Noda who has joined our team. Her email is [email protected]