On Sunday, I went along to support a fundraising kaupapa that was important to a friend of mine.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was a show by a Māori band that, to be honest, was before my time. More my parent’s era.

While I had heard of them, I hadn’t really followed them or seen them perform before.

So, I went along on a sunny afternoon with an open heart and an open mind.

And I was in for a very pleasant afternoon.

I only knew one or two waiata that I could sing along to but I enjoyed their stories, their waiata, their presence.

They shared stories about their performances with other Māori artists such as Prince Tui Teka, Billy T James, John Rolls, and others.

I had so much fun just seeing how much fun they were having on stage, and how comfortable they were with being themselves.

Now in their seventies and eighties, I wonder what they must have been like in their heyday.

Actually, I could see it – fabulous entertainers, happy and comfortable sharing their gifts.

They understood that when you have gifts, it’s your responsibility to share them with the world.

But there was also something else and it got me thinking what was it exactly?

What was the magic ingredient?

It was more than talent and experience – which they had in abundance.

Do you know what it was?

CONFIDENCE – also in abundance!

Putting yourself out there requires a lot of confidence!

And they did it with style, elegance, and aplomb!

Oooooo… I want some of that!

They were true leaders.

You don’t have to have a CEO role to be a leader – although it’s great if you do.

Heoi anō, I settled in to observe, enjoy and learn.

They had an easy coolness, freedom from uncertainty and embarrassment, and faith in themselves.

It’s all very timely too because I’m working on the training for February for Kia Tū Teitei Monthly and I’m thinking about how to incorporate some of that style, elegance, and aplomb into the programme.

The kaupapa for February is Kia Maia: Confidence for Wāhine.

I’ve designed Kia Maia to provide you with a practical formula that has helped wāhine own their ambition, build their confidence, and play a much bigger game.

Confidence is that magic ingredient that fuels your ambitions and energises your intentions.

Whether you want to launch your dream business, secure your seat on the board, champion your kaupapa or land an executive position, confidence will not only give you what you need to make your big dreams happen but also the peace and presence required to enjoy your success.

Confidence is just as important as competence when it comes to getting ahead.

I’ve helped a number of wāhine build the confidence, competence, and influence they need to get unstuck, grow their businesses, and advance their careers.

This month we are going to make a start on building confidence where I’ll share a powerful and proven methodology designed to help you build the confidence you need to put yourself out there and step into the personal and professional success you desire.


Let’s get started!