Let me be straight with you.

To be a stand out leader you have to make your leadership personal and have your sights set on what you want to do, be or have.

Then own it and cultivate it!

Leadership is not a theory.

You have to be who you are!

So… have you made the transition?

Have you done the work?

Are you clear on what your purpose is?

Are you clear on your leadership intent?

I wasn’t always clear and I didn’t think I had leadership qualities.

I thought I had to be or act as a leader modelled on the Western (male) view of leadership, have all these leadership attributes, hold a high-level position, and mix with the ‘right’ people before I could become a leader.

But did you know you can lead from wherever you are, right now?

It starts with getting clear about your leadership intent, getting sharp about it, and articulating it.

Highly effective leaders have a view.

It’s about setting audacious goals, owning them, and making a plan.

Highly effective leaders always have a plan that they execute… every day.


“Ko te puawāitanga o ngā moemoeā, me whakamahi.” (Dreams become a reality when we take action.) nā Te Puea Herangi.


The first month of the Kia Tū Teitei Monthly programme was about getting clear on your goals for 2019 and beyond, and developing an action plan to help you achieve them.

February will be about knowing who you are as a leader and discovering your leadership presence.

You’ll learn how to make your kaupapa/calling/challenge/passion your energy source, how to make failure your fuel, and how to be a wahine of substance and significance.

You will learn practical skills in personal and leadership development that will enable you to get unstuck, take charge of your professional destiny and position yourself as an influential wahine.

Through weekly training modules, I’ll coach you to greater levels of clarity, confidence, and purpose – and I’ll encourage you to immediately apply what you’re learning to your career, business or personal life.

All this at a fraction of my one-on-one coaching programme. (By the way, I’m not taking any more one-on-one clients.)


You deserve more in life.

You deserve the right to lead.

To get it, you need to master your own leadership.


Kia Tū Teitei Monthly will help you do just that. CLICK HERE TO JOIN!