Have you noticed that the most inspiring women in the world have an unmistakable Personal Brand?

Think about it.

Who do you admire and why?

Typically, it’s because they represent a specific idea or trait so powerfully that they inspire people beyond their immediate circles, contacts, and networks.

Let’s take Michelle Obama for instance.

To me, she represents both style and substance.

She serves as my inspiration and reminder to always endeavor to act intentionally with strength and elegance.

So, my message to you testing is to not be whakamā.

Because when you’re crystal clear on what you stand for and you’re able to communicate that simply, clearly and consistently, it grounds your work, helps you prioritize and inspires people inside and outside of your personal circles.

That’s your personal brand.

I’m fascinated by this, because my work includes supporting wāhine to be properly prepared to stretch their influence beyond their current circles, moving their impact outwards — because wāhine like you, like me, can be, will be and must be a force for good.

Articulating and promoting your personal brand isn’t easy work because our culture tells us it’s whakahīhī.

Our current culture fails to teach wāhine to speak up, stand their ground and band together to ensure positive change happens.


That’s exactly why we developed Te Hao membership, for wāhine like you who want to scale their impact in a supportive environment.


Every month we will be releasing training, strategies, tips, easy action steps and coaching on a specific kaupapa such as developing your personal brand.

What women like Michelle Obama know is that we can be a catalyst for change, we have important work to do, and because these are true, we must continue to invest in building our powerful brands and intentional paths and it’s not whakahīhī to do so.

The most powerful wāhine in the world knows that fortune favours the bold.

Think clearly about where you want to get to, and what concrete actions might bring you closer to your goal.

Like the right training at the right time.

Don’t be whakamā.


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Mauri ora