I’m writing to you from home surrounded by papers and a long “To-do” list.

I’ve got a number of projects on the go and a million and one things to do …. all due yesterday … fun stuff! 🙂

Part of the work I do is identifying and codifying the traits that distinguish the most successful wāhine toa.

In my research on wāhine Māori leaders, I discovered a number of distinguishing attributes that set them apart.

Want to know one distinguishing attribute of these wāhine toa?


They stay calm.


Cultivating the discipline to CALM DOWN when life throws out the inevitable curveballs is a fundamental success strategy.


In fact, when I consider the coaching, I do with my clients who fit in the “emerging leader” category, a large portion of the work we do is focused on staying calm.


Makes sense, right?

When you panic, your ability to focus and execute is severely compromised.

This week I wish for you, and upon you, the gift of remaining calm.

Breathe deeply.

Check in with your intuition.

Think logically.

Be rational.

No matter what happens, remind yourself that you’ve been through challenges before, and you’re still here, breathing, making a difference, showing up.


You’ve got this.


Noho ora mai,




P.S. I’m super excited about Te Hao opening tomorrow for registrations.