​Do you know that some of the most profound business ‘tools’ are not necessarily the ones getting the most air time or marketing time. In fact, they’re not tools at all really. More like ways of ‘being’ that don’t get the credit they deserve when it comes to being a happy and well rounded wahine and running a business from a place of meaning and conscious intent.


Now, I don’t wish to discount the power of a good sales funnel, launch plan or marketing calendar. Yes, I have used all those things in my business (plus many more besides) to great impact and I will do so again. We all, both tāne and wāhine, need those more masculine, planned and concrete tools to help us get out there and make things happen. And how much we use them is a matter of choice.


However, what is not spoken of as much is the power of doing…nothing. Or if not nothing – then not much at all. Now that may sound totally crazy and counter intuitive to what you may feel or even know what it takes to run a successful business. And I get that. We’ve become so used to seeing or believing that we need to be ‘on’ all the time – on social media, constantly in our inboxes and going to the next meeting or event – that the lines between who we are as a human being and where or what our business is doing become one and the same. And while “being busy” may sound great and make you feel needed and even productive, I think, in fact, it’s fraught with danger.


I’ve had some of my best ideas lying around not doing much – usually when I’m on holiday, lapping up the sun with a cool breeze and a cocktail in my hand when all of a sudden, the ‘thing’ I had been looking for as my next big step came to me. I was in a total state of relaxation. No laptop or phone. No pen and paper. No hard thinking or brainstorming about what to do. It just came to me. And within six months it had been fully executed to great impact.


I had another winning idea while sitting on my back deck one day, drinking coffee in the sun. It made me think that maybe I should do it less more often. I was taking a break and what had planned to be ten minutes had suddenly turned into forty-five due to the fabulous rays I was enjoying. And then another time a solution to something that had on previous occasions frustrated me, came to me while I was lying in bed on a Sunday morning just lazing about. He tohu ērā – e toru!


It occurred on me that the more time I allowed time to just ‘be’ and do nothing, or if something – something very simple, easeful, slow and enjoyable – the more I was able to think simply, easefully, slowly and enjoyably. And with amazing results.


I know this revelation may not be news to many of you. We’ve all read the stories about what happens to us when we burn ourselves up from pushing or doing too much. We get it. That doesn’t mean we take heed – but we get it. What I’m talking about though goes beyond just making sure you are taking care of yourself, not overscheduling, taking breaks, eating well and all that stuff. What I’m talking about is doing nothing. Nothing. Doing nothing or just being may just be one of the greatest untapped business ‘tools’ you’ve ever used. Try it. Or don’t!


Here’s to nothing giving you something – and so much more.


Awhimai Reynolds is a Business Adviser and Coach with the Trusted Adviser Network (TAN). She is passionate about women in business and leadership. Contact Awhimai at www.iWahine.nz or on FB https://www.facebook.com/iWahineNZ/ and LinkedInhttps://nz.linkedin.com/in/awhimaireynolds