​For several decades now, women have been fighting to make headway in the business world.  Despite some tremendous strides, the unfortunate reality is that in many aspects it still remains primarily the domain of men.  However, with the increased number of women business owners of SMEs (small and medium enterprises), that reality is quickly beginning to change.


The thought of starting your own business may seem daunting but for many women who are looking for a way to better balance their work and personal lives, it represents an ideal solution.  With the autonomy that being the boss gives, it can be easier to budget your time and to find that satisfying work experience that most women want.


At the same time, starting an SME can also provide a perfect opportunity for turning a hobby or interest into a moneymaking enterprise.  And the money has been quite good indeed, providing a sound investment strategy for those who are concerned about planning for their future.  It can also open the door to a complete change of lifestyle for those who are unhappy with their present work situation and want to do something completely different.


As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why women business owners of SMEs can be seen to have the advantage.  Women are becoming more and more of a presence in the business world globally, and their success in the realm of SMEs has been particularly notable everywhere from the U.S. to Asia.  Across the globe, things are looking up and perhaps nowhere more than New Zealand.


In just the last two years, statistics have shown that small and medium enterprises owned by women in New Zealand are experiencing steady increases in revenue, with the numbers for female led businesses slightly better than those of their male counterparts.  That’s an extremely encouraging sign for women who are considering starting up their own businesses or becoming part of an existing SME.


With men still enjoying a distinct advantage in the boardrooms of big businesses, the thriving and growing SME sector remains the best avenue for women in business today.  Not only is it easier to get a toehold in business for those just starting out but it is also an easier way for women to carve out a niche for themselves in the business world.


Women business owners of SMEs are no slouches when it comes to growing their businesses.  Statistics show that women are more likely to take advantage of digital media to promote their businesses and accept online payments.  Women are using everything from social networks to cloud storage to make sure that their businesses have legs and are reaching the largest possible customer base.


Small and medium enterprises can be a big opportunity for women in business today.  Women have already recognized this and they are making a statement through their SMEs.  They are here to stay and they are a force to be recognized…the workforce of the future, the small business owners of today.  And if the trends continue as they have been, they will become impossible to ignore as they make themselves an essential part of the global economy.